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Beautiful Star

Hair Straightener Ceramic Straightening Brush

Straight Hair Artifact LCD Straightener Combs Flat Iron Brush

Straight hair artifact in the ion injection holes at work emit large amounts of negative ions,
one part immediately remove the hair surface electrostatic, the other part with the air combine to produce moisture, nourishes the hair surface.


Global unique hairstyle repair function. So that the boring, knotted mess of hair becomes more supple natural.

Beautiful star comb's (red point) top temperatures around 50 degrees, combing hair can effectively play the role of massage. Relax tension and fatigue emotional function.

Built-in fast heating and automatic thermostat technology, quickly reaches the set temperature, using fast and safe.


Unique anti-scald function
PTC Heater
Best LCD display
Massage Comb
Ceramic Hair Straightener