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  • The high performance brake produces upgrade kit to satisfy a huge number of motor fans. You can dress up and rune up the original braking systems in their vehicles with specifically designed boby.fantastic.






7.5L Size Car Fridge

New Design!! Portable Car Electronic 2-in-1 Cooling & Warming Refrigerator Fridge Storage 7.5L 

Latest Design!!! +3 Cup Holder Outside Fridge!!


Product Features:

  • Storage of drinks and foods for journey, picnic, camping, yacht and at home or in the office
  • To ensure a better refrigeration effect in a short time, please put pre-frozen drinks and fruits
  • Portable & easy to carry everywhere
  • Dual Function: Cooling & Warming
  • Note:
    • The car fridge is not for frozen purpose, but to keep or maintain cold foods/drinks cold or hot foods/drinks hot
    • It take 15 - 30 minutes to cold or warm the foods/drinks
    • In order to reach the ideal result of cooling / warming, you can per-frozen or pre-heat your foods/drinks before put into the fridge
    • When you wants to switch from Cold to Hot or vice verse, you need to turn OFF the power source for about 30 minutes




  • Power: AC 220V (Home power outlet) or 12V DC Adapter (for car / yacht use)
  • Refrigeration Power: 48 - 65 W
  • While refrigerate, the temperature is about 15 - 25°C lower than the room temperature
  • Warming Power: 30 - 55 W
  • While warming/heating, temperature able to reach 60°C (±5°C)
  • Capacity: 7.5L (Mistake on packaging box which state only 7L, the actual storage capacity is 7.5L) 
  • Power Cord Wire: 175cm long
  • Green / Red LED lights for convenient mode indication
  • Dimension: 
    • Full body size: 30cm x 31cm x 17cm
    • Inner size: 19.5cm x 21.5cm x 15cm
  • Material: PP
  • Suitable almost to all car vehicles

Parcel Size: 21x34m36 cm


1 SET come in FRONT & BACK.







1 SET come in FRONT & BACK.






  • Material: Cotton canvas / polyester fabric / high density foam
  • Dimensions 135cm x 76cm x 31CM


100% Brand New


Material: Rubber


Size :197mm×52mm×4mm


Simple installation, peel off and stick on!

self adhesive stickers attached at the back.