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100 Song Bank tunes built-in!

100 Song Bank tunes built-in!

100 Song Bank tunes carefully selected to make
keyboard play more fun comes with song book*

  • * Due to copyright restrictions, some tunes may not be included in the song book.

Right and Left hand part on/off Lesson function

Allows individual practice of left-hand and right-hand parts along with playback of built-in songs.

Easy-to-read display (LCD)

Easy-to-read display (LCD)

Shows tone, rhythm, song names, metronome, tempo, beat, note played, chord, Song Bank fingerings and more.

Features help you sound your best!

61 piano-style keys that are virtually the same size of acoustic piano keys

100 quality tones

100 versatile rhythms with auto-accompaniment

100 Song Bank tunes



  • Ultra wide-angle mode
  • Layered picture mode
  • 360 Degree Shooting Screen 
  • Night Infrared Sensoc
  • 24 Hour Parking Monitoring

Active Noise Cancellation technology removes the surrounding ambient noise for the user wearing the headset

Enjoy clear conversations on

both ends of the call with Active Noise cancellation,  Noise Blackout™ and HD Voice technology

Wind-Noise reduction technology

Flip-boom arm - easy to activate, easy to use

Make a call using just your voice with Voice Control

Pair it with two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time

Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions

Interchangeable soft ear cushions for all-day comfort

  • High capacity for up to 23 minutes of flight time
  • Four LEDS display both the status and the remaining power of the battery
  • Integrated power management and balanced charging capability
  • Smart charge/discharge functionality helps protect your battery
  • Easy slot-in design for fast charging and installation/removal
  • Updated specifically for the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced